So as you can all tell I’ve been MIA for quite some time – apologies are in order – but you’ll be happy to know I’m back with a highlight on my favorite new skincare and makeup line, one that you won’t want to miss! Peep my Sunday glow routine with Glossier and a little Chanel xx

Glossier is a fabulous skincare and makeup line made for the cool girls – aka all of my readers! Simple, fun, real, and PINK are just a few words to describe this incredible company. Glossier focuses on the basics such as radiating beauty from within, after all, dewy skin is IN. The second I read that Glossier emphasized the importance of skincare I was immediately sold, we all know skincare is my main aesthetic – oh and not to mention the to die for pink glossy vibes! Above are the products that I’ve recently invested in (and am totally obsessed with)!

To start, I purchased the Super Packwhich is a trio of skin enhancing serums to save the day in any crisis! Also available for individual purchase, this trio includes Super Glow, Super Bounce, and Super Pure – each designed to energize dull skin, target stressed and breakout prone skin, then last but not least ease tight, dehydrated skin. What more could a girl want?!

Next, queue the Priming Moisturizer, which has been an absolute savior in my cabinet. During the winter months when my natural tan has faded and my skin is borderline snow-white, it tends to get inflamed and irritated really easy, and that’s where the Priming Moisturizer has become my best friend! This magical primer is soothing, redness reducing, oxygenating, and buildable. I apply it upon post-super pack, clean skin before any tinted moisturizer and voila! – glowing, dewy skin it is.

Now we’re onto two of the products that I officially can’t leave home without! The one and only Glossier Boy Brow and the most iconic pink Glossier lipgloss. When I say I’ve tried a handful of brow sculpting gels, pencils, powders, etc – I mean a very large handful – and when I say this is without a doubt the best brow gel I have ever come across I mean it! For awhile I started to think brows just weren’t my thing, that is until I came across THE product. Boy Brow thickens, fills in, and grooms your brows all in one so you don’t have to fuss with added pencils and powders! I swear this wand is magic. Add a little lipgloss and your Sunday skin perfection is finito!

Stay tuned for more on my latest addiction, Glossier, because I promise I’m not finished with this amazing line!