The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Paris Pt. 1


Navigating Paris as a tourist can be anything but easy, and in my opinion far less rewarding. Sure if you're only visiting for a short period of time you're going to want to see the Eiffel Tower (duh), stroll down the Champs-Élysées to l'arc de triomph, and probably have lunch beneath the towers of Notre Dame before getting lost in the infamous Shakespeare & Co bookstore - but in order to really experience the beauty of the city, you have to uncover the hidden gems secret to all but the locals. In pt 1 of the ultimate insiders guide to Paris I'm going to highlight my favorite places to dine and indulge in something sweet - for all of the foodies out there like me who are thinking about what they're going to have for dinner before breakfast is even over

First things first, my top go-tos for the most important meal of the day, breakfast (or in my case also known as brunch):

  1. If you're looking for a clean, filling, farm to table brunch look no further than Bespoke in the 3rd arrondissement. From breakfast sliders to my personal favorite, avocado toast topped with an egg over easy, you literally can't go wrong.
  2. Next on the list, aka my second home (also in the 3rd arrondissement), Wild & The Moon. The cutest raw, vegetarian cafe with an assortment of freshly pressed and bottled juices, smoothies, acai bowls, tasty sandwiches, sweets and more made with only the freshest ingredients - your body will thank you, trust me. This place is perfect for health nuts and food critics alike!

Next up, a list of restaurants you won't want to miss for lunch and/or dinner:

  1. If sushi is what you're craving, Rice & Fish will satisfy your tummy like no other. With rolls that melt in your mouth and warm miso soup equally as divine, you'll contemplate ordering round two after the first bite. Oh and perfect for takeout too!
  2. As a vegetarian, I have tried more veggie burgers than I would like to remember, and very few that were actually super enjoyable at that - so when I say Mamie burger nearest the Opera has the best veggie burger I have ever eaten, I promise you I am not at all exaggerating - and although I haven't tasted one of their normal beef or chicken burgers myself, I have on good authority that they are no less flawless.

Sugary sweets for the soul (MOST IMPORTANT SECTION FYI):

  1. One does not go to Paris and skip out on the quintessential macaron tasting flight… Pierre Hermé is the perfect way to channel your inner modern day Marie Antoinette by sampling the crème de la crème of this ultimate sugary snack.
  2. I've never been super huge on donuts if we're being honest… until now that is. If you've ever had fresh baked with fresh ingredient donuts that literally melt in your mouth bite after bite, then you know how rare they are to come by. Boneshaker donuts is a brand new, tiny bakery that makes small batch donuts daily, with only the most natural ingredients, and in an assortment of unique flavors like grapefruit and rosewater glaze, peach and basil, vanilla bourbon… ok you get the picture!