Face Mask Gold Mine - Literally


Face Masking is a crucial part of both my skin care/beauty routine (and sanity) to be honest - it's my sacred time to relax. Multiple days a week you can find me holed up in the bath or my bed with a book to my face and a mask on it! Aside from the relaxing benefits, face masking is vital for that glowing skin we all long for. As any skincare and beauty enthusiast may know, there is a mask for literally everything on the horizon, which can make it tough and overwhelming to choose the perfect selection… Anti-aging, hydration, brighten, acne, firm, detox - you name it and there's a mask to treat it, so to help make your selection a tad easier I've compiled a few of my favorite, tried and true masks that I will forever swear by!

DETOX Bobbi Brown Instant Detox

  • This Hawaiin Sea Water and Amazonian White Clay mask is heaven sent, I swear. I've been using it for a little under a year now and it's a major skin saver, especially if you live in a large city where pollution is relevant. When I lived in Paris I would apply it two to three times a week after long days running around the city and it kept my skin constantly refreshed and unphased by the air pollution. Big city or not, our skin can always use a little detox and this is hands down my go to. (I'm also dying to try Bobbi's Skin Nourish mask so if any of you are familiar with it let me know what you think :) )

HYDRATE/MOISTURIZE - Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

  • One word. Glossier. That's it… There's not a single Glossier product that seizes to amaze me and exceed all expectations, fortunately their masks are nothing less! The Moisturizing Moon Mask is extra hydrating and soothing, aka the secret to GLOWING skin perfection. Glossier, GLOW, Glossier, GLO, GLOSSIER? It's all the same to me when we're talking Glossier. (P.S. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is also a dream, obvi.) OH and the next best part is that you can shop my page glossier.com/reps/michaelabreaux for 20% off all products :)

ANTI-AGING - Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask

  • You're never too young to start utilizing those mythical anti-aging products that *pause for dramatic effect* ACTUALLY WORK - this one included! I know I want to look young forever and lucky for me that youthful, babyfaced look is in. Plus, what better way to channel your inner Cleopatra or greek goddess than indulging in a luxe 24k Gold infused mask? This Gold Mine (literally, HAHA) of a face mask is meant to lift, firm, revitalize, and smooth your skin - oh and even if it doesn't literally keep us young forever, at least we'll look like gold trying!

ACNE - GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

  • Full disclosure THIS IS NOT an ad, prank, or any form of black magic… With that said I will need your full, undivided attention when I tell you that this face mask HONESTLY helps to rid of any breakouts that may arise! Crazy, right? Well GlamGlow is now a cult staple in my skincare cabinet as both a clearing facemask and a spot treatment, it dries out those unwanted volcano-on-my-forehead pimples almost instantly.