Anyone who knows me could tell you that I am a total health nut obsessed with fresh juices, smoothies, superfoods, vegetables – basically anything with nutritional value. The fresher the food, the tastier and healthier! Eating clean makes me feel better in every aspect, I’m more energetic, less moody, my skin is clear, and my body just feels great in general. I rarely rarely rarely ever resort to processed, sugary meals and snacks because they leave my body feeling gross, sluggish and have long term effects on your appearance and overall health!

Whenever I go grocery shopping (which is quite often given the circumstances), I always opt for fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, and ingredients opposed to anything boxed or made with additives. If I’m buying something boxed, it’s usually power bars or healthy snacks for on the go, and I don’t buy anything that contains unnatural additives – or ingredients I don’t understand for that matter. If i’m putting something in my body, I like to know exactly what it is and how it can benefit my health.

Growing up I was never an unhealthy child, my family was always fairly health conscious so I wasn’t constantly snacking on junk food, and there’s not a fruit or vegetable that I dislike – but, it wasn’t until a little over a year and a half ago that I officially transitioned to primarily vegetarian and 100% cut out all chicken, beef, and pork from my diet. I still eat seafood every now and then (I grew up eating tons and tons of seafood so I’m way too obsessed to cut it all out), but when I do it’s either fresh and wild caught, or sustainably caught with no additives. Cutting meat from my diet was a personal choice based on my own research and truly just loss of appetite for it all. If you eat meat, like most people, that’s great – but it’s important to be educated on the meat you’re purchasing. Large production companies pack their animals with chemicals, hormones, etc which have extremely negative impacts on the body, so I recommend purchasing meat from a local farmer or looking for organic, grass fed options from the grocery store.

Prior to my official transition into a vegetarian, I did my fare amount of research to make sure it was still possible to get all of the protein and nutrients necessary for daily functioning. I bought tons of nutrition books, to which I still refer back to today – including my favorite which I can honestly say changed my life for the better: Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart, aka the food lovers bible. Eat Pretty is all about fruits, vegetables, etc which are good for your body and why – hence “eat pretty foods,” and I highly recommend checking it out if you have any interest in nutrition whatsoever.

One myth that I would like to put to rest is the correlation between my choice of diet and size which are in no way affiliated. I’m naturally a very petite person, I always have been. Quite often people have associated my size with the fact that I don’t eat meat – or that I just don’t eat at all, and I can’t help but laugh because anyone within my family and friends could testify to the fact that I am like a human vacuum with endless capacity and probably eat more than most, the only difference is I choose to put ingredients in my body that will nourish it rather than harm it. Trust me, vegetarians eat and we eat a lot!

With all of that said, there’s nothing wrong in treating yourself every now and then! I’m a dessert fiend… I love dark chocolate, macarons, crème brûlée and sweets of all sorts – trust me I would live off of dessert if I could. There’s no harm in a few guilty pleasures, just make sure they don’t become bad habits!

I’ll be posting more on nutrition, my favorite ways to eat clean during long school weeks and travel, guilty pleasures and more. Let me know if you there’s something specific you would like to read about!

Hope you enjoyed this for now,

x Michaela