Leaving Those Sunday Blues In 2016

Every Sunday around 5pm that wave of anxiety and pre-work week stress rolls around, hitting us all harder than a Law & Order: SVU marathon… Am I right? You’ve spent the past eight hours or so in a deep technology hole, whether it be catching up on your IG feed or binge watching Scream Queens. Fortunately, you managed to squeeze a face mask inbetween those sessions so at least your skin is one less worry… Well in my opinion, Sundays are meant for complete relaxation and self-indulging – sans panic. In honor of not chalking Sundays up to a complete loss, I’ve compiled a list of ways to stay relaxed and accomplished before our espresso-induced weeks begin:

Start the morning off right with a healthy and hearty breakfast

  • I personally believe that there is no better way to start each day than with a healthy, filling breakfast. After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the main key to that vital jolt of energy you need to kickstart your morning – without the caffeine hangover. I usually opt for fresh and warm breakfast scrambles with sweet potatoes, loads of veggies, greens, and lots of spice. There’s nothing I can’t tackle once I’ve had a proper breakfast, but talk to me anytime before then and it’s a whole different story.

Declutter and clean up your environment

  • My best friend (and college roommate for three years) knows that I can’t accomplish anything unless my room is clean and tidy… literally. Much like brushing my teeth and cleansing my face, I absolutely cannot rest well until everything is perfectly organized in my personal area. Weird right? Well it actually helps to give me a sense of clarity and accomplishment. In fact, I recently read a Vogue article written by contributor Kate Donnelly, in which she informed readers that just 15 minutes of tidying up your space can result in a great sense of accomplishment. Believe me when I say this is fact!

Get lost in a novel, or three

  • If there’s one thing that truly eases my mind on Sundays, it’s diving into my personal library and losing track of time for hours on end. For me there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a good book that you can’t put down but don’t want to end. I tend to jump around a little and read multiple selections at once, so Sundays are usually reserved for catching up on one, or three of my favorite titles.

Breakout your planner

  • I’m 100% a list kind of gal… I absolutely have to make lists for everything otherwise I will never remember to get anything done! There’s also something about writing all of my errands down and physically checking them off that gives me a sense of relief and major accomplishment… Every Sunday I go through my to-do lists, adding tasks and checking some off, as well as skimming through my upcoming meetings and due dates. It definitely calms me down before going into a long week.

Hit the gym

  • Working out never fails to relieve stress and breaking a Sunday sweat is exactly what is needed to cleanse the body from a cocktail filled weekend with girl friends, trust me. Your mind and body will thank you after a sweaty gym sesh to open the pores, followed by a steamy shower to flush out any toxins you’re holding onto!

These are just a few of my usual Sunday-stress-relief methods to keep me from imploding at the thought of a Monday, enjoy x