Weekly Grocery Hall

So as promised last week, I’ve decided to show you guys what my weekly grocery hall looks like! I usually hit more than one store, which includes Trader Joe’s for the majority of my fruits and veggies, then either Whole Foods or Natural Grocery for my snacks, juices, yogurt, etc.

As you can see fruits and vegetables are a large majority of my diet. I’m always snacking on fruits and greens. I don’t drink or eat dairy so I’ll usually pick up some vegan cheese, like the Daya provolone slices pictured at the bottom, or a different brand like the one featured in my previous post incase I’m craving something savory. I always grab multiple to-go cups of almond milk or coconut milk yogurt – Kite Hill and the So Delicious Coconut Milk yogurt cup in this week’s hall are my go to favorites.

Homemade veggie soup is one of my quick and easy meals for a simple dinner, which is where the veggie broth comes in! The Pacific brand featured is my favorite because the ingredients are simple, natural, and low sodium. I also tend to stay away from gluten so I’ll usually pick up a loaf of GF, naturally sprouted bread or bagels like the Simple Hills Sprouted Bagels for when I want something easy but filling.

I still have some frozen wild and sustainably caught salmon and cod from last week, as well as tofu for vegetarian protein. Seafood, tofu, and lentils are my primary sources of protein. I always have wild caught frozen seafood in my freezer, as well as tofu.

Eating clean is just as easy and fun as it looks, even if you aren’t plant-based, and trust me when I say I’m a huge flavor-foodie so my meals are never dull – just extra delicious and nutritious!