The Incredible Nutrition Books That Changed My Life

A few years ago when I decided to make the change to a primarily plant-based diet, I was initially inspired by wanting to become my healthiest self, but also because I randomly stumbled upon Jolene Hart's Eat Pretty, which would soon change my life forever. Eat Pretty was a key tool in my transition because at the time I didn't know much about proper nutrition and the vital nutrients that I would need to make up for after cutting meat and dairy from my life. For me, this transition was a pretty quick one. One morning I literally just woke up turned off by all meats, dairy, and processed food, and reading Eat Pretty got me extra excited to start a lifelong journey of optimal health. I know this may not happen similarly to many people, but it's exactly how this lifestyle began for me.

After feeling and seeing significant changes in my body, skin, mood, and energy, I wanted to learn so much more. I wanted to become as knowledgable as I could on adequate nutrition and health to maintain a long, healthy, lifestyle and continue to feel as good as I did then, everyday. After cutting meats, dairy, processed foods, and most gluten out of my life and replacing them with nourishing ingredients, one thing that I did see a significant change in was the clarity of my skin. Blemishes that once drove me crazy with stress and anxiety started to vanish, and I now notice a glow that is almost completely attributed to my dietary choices.

Whenever I get into something, I get really into it, like maybe a little too much at times… It can be a blessing and a curse, in this case it was a blessing! My personal research on nutrition and health has taken me so far, I've read a lot and I know what works for my body, granted one person's method is not a 'fits all method', so doing your own research is important. To this day I can say with 100% accuracy that before purchasing any product from the grocery store, I check the ingredients, and if an item contains an ingredient that I don't know or know is not good for you, I put it right back on the shelf. Some may say that's a little OCD, but knowing exactly what ingredients I'm putting into my body is an important part of this lifestyle for me. I strive to only put whole, organic, plant ingredients into my body and leave out all of the rest. 

Granted, it would've been a lot harder to get where I am today had I not had the right tools and done an insane amount of research, so I've decided to compile a list of my absolute favorite and necessary reads to achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle for YOU! All of these authors have taught me so much of what I know and their words continue to inspire my lifestyle daily. Eat Pretty changed my life and with that positive change came Skin Cleanse by Adina Grigore, Tres Green, Tres Clean, Tres Chic by Rebecca Leffler, and of course Eat Beautiful by the amazing Wendy Rowe. Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart is my newest obsession which acts as a daily journal and provides new recipes/tips for everyday of the year in addition to Hart's original Eat Pretty. I hope you love these beauty bibles as much as I do!

Enjoy :)