Italy Travel Diaries

Ciao! So for the past week I’ve been traveling around Italy and just got back to Paris last night, right in time for fashion week on Monday. My time in Italy was absolutely incredible, as usual, and I’m so stoked to share all of the dets on my trip with you.

Italy is easily my favorite country that I’ve been to. I’m in love with everything from the food, to the culture, language, history, and architecture – not to mention the out of this world scenery! Beautiful is truly an understatement. On my most recent trip I went to Florence, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Atrani, and Cinque Terre – it was the most magical week. Positano was an absolute dream, I could live there for ever and ever!

So not to long ago I was reading a Vogue interview with Diane Von Furstenberg on all of the things a woman should do before turning 30, going on a trip by yourself was one of them. Now this was after I had already begun planning my next trip to Italy, but reading it just gave me all of the reassurance I needed to follow my heart and go forth to my favorite country!

Anyways, my trip began in Florence. I had been dying to see the Karl Lagerfeld Photography Exhibition at the Pitti Palace, so of course that was my first stop. The photos were stunning and I was so excited to check the exhibit off of my bucket list! I was initially supposed to stay in Florence until Monday morning, but spontaneously decided to catch a train down to the Amalfi coast Sunday afternoon and ended up in Capri. If you know me, you probably know I’m not big on making plans, I kind of just like to go where the wind takes me, and in this case it took me to one of the most insane islands on the map.

I spent my second morning getting lost in the gorgeous mountains of Capri and checking out the piercing blue grottos the island is known for, I even made friends with a few of the locals before boating off to Positano – where my heart remains. I can’t really explain what it is about Positano, but it’s the most enchanting and mesmerising city I’ve ever been to. Everyone is so kind and laid back, the architecture and colors which surrounded me were breathtaking, the pasta mouthwatering, the wine delicious, and the ocean of course was magnificent. I stayed in the most charming Airbnb, Il Canneto, in the perfect location with an incredible view. I could live in that magical city for the rest of my life and be more than happy.

In Amalfi, I had THE BEST homemade, fresh frozen yogurt and lemon sorbet ever! The Amalfi Coast is well known for their giant lemons grown in Sorrento, a symbol of the region, so lemon sorbet and frozen yogurt are an exceedingly refreshing must try.

If we’re being honest, you can’t really go wrong with food in Italy. Amazing always fresh seafood, mouthwatering handmade pastas, pizza that speaks for itself, buffala mozzarella caprese salads that are to die for, and the freshest seasonal fruit all within grasp – I mean if that’s not heaven than I don’t know what is.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre was also a dream. This super tiny, insanely gorgeous, 1/5 of the Cinque Terre in northwestern Italy was absolutely wonderful! I had super tasty pesto pasta, steamed spinach, white wine, and fresh pressed juices there – 1000000% my aesthetic.

With all of that said, I had the most unbelievably enchanted week of my life chasing trains, boats, islands, pasta, and getting lost in a few of the most magical places this world has to offer. I have never been more in love than I am with this country and I have yet again left my heart there! Be sure to check my IG for more travel photos and favorite moments from my latest trip x